Community work

The topic of female genital circumcision is characterised by strong taboos and a high level of stigmatisation. Individual communities rarely talk openly about it. The aim of our active community work is to raise awareness and encourage people to talk about FGM/C. The involvement of so-called multipliers is a key aspect of this work.

What do multipliers do?

As key individuals, multipliers mediate between the relevant communities, specialist personnel and advice centres. They carry the topic of FGM/C into the heart of their communities, engaging in dialogue with girls and women who are affected or at risk, families and other people. By sharing their knowledge and experiences they actively raise awareness, making a huge contribution to preventing FMG/C.

Multipliers are usually interpreters, intercultural mediators or activists who are committed to ending female genital circumcision. Most of them are migrants who originate from the relevant communities or have strong links with them. Speaking the same language; having close links to the community and having great respect for the corresponding traditions allows multipliers to initiate open discussions which examine FGM/C from a critical standpoint and provide the impetus for changes in behaviour.

Multipliers’ activities

  • Prevention discussions with families and individuals
  • Planning and running of information and discussion events
  • PR work in the communities
  • Regular exchange of information with advice centres and specialist personnel

In cooperation and coordination with the Network against Female Genital Cutting Switzerland FGMhelp supports multipliers by providing further training and coaching.

Do you want to contact multipliers?

We are happy to establish contact with our multipliers in the Canton of Zurich and to assist you in finding contacts in other parts of Switzerland. Get in touch with us!

Do you want to work with FGMhelp as a multiplier?

We offer comprehensive support; organise regular meetings to exchange information and can be easily contacted if you have any questions. We look forward to talking to you!

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