Our partners

FGMhelp, the Canton of Zurich’s contact point for female genital circumcision, works closely with other contact points, associations, specialist personnel and institutions. Our national network and interprofessional collaborations enable us to transfer knowledge effectively.

Network against Female Genital Cutting Switzerland

The “Network against Female Genital Cutting Switzerland” was founded in 2016 on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office for Health and the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration. In November 2023 the confederation extended financial funding again, enabling the Network to continue offering its protection and welfare services to women and girls who are affected by, or at risk of, FGM/C. The Network against Female Genital Cutting Switzerland’s sponsors include Caritas Schweiz, the Sexual Health Switzerland association and the University of Bern’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies ICFG. The Network supports FGMhelp with, among other things, complicated cases or legal issues.

Other contact points

In recent years numerous regional contact points dealing with female genital circumcision have been set up in Switzerland. For enquiries which are not related to the Canton of Zurich, see the following overview of regional contact points.

If the list does not include an unit near you, then please contact the Network against Female Genital Cutting Switzerland for more help.

Specialist medical support

Winterthur Cantonal Hospital and Zürich Triemli City Hospital provide us with support on specialist issues.

  • Winterthur Cantonal Hospital
    Dr. med. Gesine Meili
    Chief Physician for Gynaecology
  • Zürich Triemli City Hospital
    Dr. med. Natalie Gabriel
    Chief Physician Women’s Clinic
  • University Hospital of the Canton of Zurich
    Dr. med. Cornelia Betschart Meier
    Head Physician Gynaecology Clinic

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